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arduino uno – Stabilization of HX711 and Sooner Sampling. Code enhancements

I’m utilizing load cells in my analysis challenge. I’ve 4 load cells and have related 4 HX711 modules (one to every load cell) and have related them to the arduino uno.

I’ve taken the instance code given for two load cells and modified it for 4 load cells. My full code is on the market right here. The unique HX711 2 load cell library instance code is on the market right here.

I’ve referred the supply code however nonetheless have the next questions:
Q1) The next a part of the code:

boolean _tare = false; //set this to false if you do not need tare to be carried out within the subsequent step
byte loadcell_1_rdy = 0;
byte loadcell_2_rdy = 0;
byte loadcell_3_rdy = 0;
byte loadcell_4_rdy = 0;
whereas ((loadcell_1_rdy + loadcell_2_rdy + loadcell_3_rdy + loadcell_4_rdy) < 4) { //run startup, stabilization and tare, each modules simultaniously
    if (!loadcell_1_rdy) loadcell_1_rdy = LoadCell_1.startMultiple(stabilizingtime, _tare);
    if (!loadcell_2_rdy) loadcell_2_rdy = LoadCell_2.startMultiple(stabilizingtime, _tare);
    if (!loadcell_3_rdy) loadcell_3_rdy = LoadCell_3.startMultiple(stabilizingtime, _tare);
    if (!loadcell_4_rdy) loadcell_4_rdy = LoadCell_4.startMultiple(stabilizingtime, _tare);

Is that this written accurately?
Can this be eliminated or is that this half vital?

Q2) I want to enhance the sampling charge so I’m going to extend the baud charge to 115200 or increased. Does this have any have an effect on on the earlier query? Since, the supply code appears to have been written for 10SPS.

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