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Contemplating ChatGPT’s Technical Evaluate of a Programming Guide – The Actual Python Podcast

Real Python Podcast Episode #174 Title Artwork

Sep 29, 2023 1h 10m

Christopher Bailey
Al Sweigart

What are you able to study from feeding a whole ebook on Python programming into ChatGPT-4 and asking it to offer a technical evaluate? What are the potential pitfalls of utilizing an LLM as a studying instrument? This week on the present, creator Al Sweigart talks about his current experiments utilizing ChatGPT and Python.

Al needed to check how nicely an LLM might perceive the pc science ideas coated in his current ebook, The Recursive Guide of Recursion. We speak concerning the optimistic and unfavourable outcomes of this technical evaluate. We contemplate if this may be a precious instrument for technical evaluate of your initiatives.

Al shares his ideas on utilizing ChatGPT as a studying instrument and its potential pitfalls. We additionally cowl the present strengths of this kind of instrument for Python builders.


  • 00:00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:01:51 – Causes for experimenting
  • 00:04:24 – Utilizing ChatGPT to evaluate his recursion ebook
  • 00:10:45 – Why do that evaluate?
  • 00:11:34 – The difficulty of confabulation
  • 00:18:45 – Which means of synthetic intelligence over time
  • 00:28:21 – Video Course Highlight
  • 00:29:54 – Detailed prompts and asking for specifics
  • 00:36:44 – Potential pitfalls for studying
  • 00:49:48 – Checking for flaws in generated code
  • 00:54:58 – How can it’s helpful?
  • 01:01:33 – Touching briefly on ethics
  • 01:02:35 – What are you enthusiastic about on the planet of Python?
  • 01:05:21 – What do you need to study subsequent?
  • 01:07:36 – Python Programming Workouts, Gently Defined
  • 01:09:20 – How can individuals comply with your work on-line?
  • 01:09:49 – Thanks and goodbye

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