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Decreasing Poop On Multicolor Prints

Decreasing Poop On Multicolor Prints


Whereas multicolor printing eliminates portray steps and produces vibrant objects, there are two important downsides; filament consumption and print time. A single-nozzle filament printer wants to modify from one colour to a different, and doing so entails switching to the opposite filament after which purging the transition filament that incorporates a combination of each colours, earlier than resuming the print with the clear new colour.

[teachingtech] exams out a number of strategies for decreasing print time and waste. One stunning consequence was that purging into the infill didn’t lead to important financial savings, even when the infill was as excessive as 50%. Issues that did have a constructive impact included decreasing the quantity of purge per transition primarily based on gentle to darkish colour adjustments, and printing a number of copies directly in order that though the whole quantity of waste was the identical as a single half, the waste per half was lowered.

All the exams have been with the identical mannequin, which had 229 colour adjustments inside a small half, so your mileage might fluctuate, however it’s an fascinating investigation into among the deeper settings inside the slicer. Decreasing filament waste and print time is an admirable purpose, and in case you make your personal extruder, you’ll be able to flip all of that purge waste into numerous shades of greenish brownish filament.



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