Monday, April 15, 2024

Inexperienced Synthesis of Iron-Doped Graphene Quantum Dots: An Environment friendly Nanozyme for Glucose Sensing

This examine reveals a extremely promising methodology for developing single-atom nanozymes, significantly well-suited for purposes within the biomedical discipline, resembling glucose detection. Conventional noble metallic nanozymes typically current challenges associated to organic toxicity or excessive prices in these purposes. Whereas Fe-based nanozymes exhibit decrease organic toxicity, their preparation sometimes entails high-temperature circumstances and complex procedures. On this analysis, a novel method was launched through the use of plant extracts as precursors to coordinate single iron atoms, efficiently attaining the synthesis of FeN/GQDs single-atom nanozymes. This methodology not solely simplifies the synthesis course of but additionally considerably reduces its complexity. The ensuing FeN/GQDs single-atom nanozymes not solely reveal excellent peroxidase-like enzyme efficiency but additionally exhibit remarkably excessive sensitivity in glucose detection. This examine presents new insights into designing single-atom nanozymes, advancing the synthesis of secure and cost-effective nanozymes. This promising technique holds nice potential for various purposes in biosensing and numerous biomedical fields.

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