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Making A Solder Paste Stencil From What You Have On Hand

Making A Solder Paste Stencil From What You Have On Hand


Generally there are moments when an engineer has to make use of no matter supplies they’ve at hand so as to full the job on time. Such a state of affairs arose on the RevSpace hacker house in Den Haag, Netherlands, as they have been the meeting venue for a convention badge.

Their downside was that the badge PCB had no solder paste stencil, and the answer was to laser reduce one out of an sudden material. The backing paper for self-adhesive vinyl sheet has properties not in contrast to these desired of a stencil, so that they tried laser-cutting one from that materials. The end result was a strong stencil that outperformed the Mylar that they had beforehand used, enabled the manufacture of 350 boards.

They suppose that the polymer layer on high of the paper could also be silicone, and located that the laser didn’t unduly soften the sides of the reduce. We’re unsure we’d feed random unknown plastics into our cutter, we’re guessing they’ve good high quality air flow. It’s mounted right into a plywood jig in a lot the identical manner as a standard stencil is perhaps.

The badges have been destined for WICCON, a Dutch convention from an organisation for ladies in cybersecurity. Sadly we’ve not seen a accomplished one so we’re unsure what it does, nevertheless we’re happy to listen to they have been accomplished earlier than the occasion. That’s a hurdle all badge designers will know properly.

Long run readers could bear in mind, that RevSpace have one thing of a historical past relating to assembling badges.



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