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Phind: The AI-Powered Search Engine for Builders

🧑‍💻 is a brand new search engine based mostly on massive language fashions that not solely offers related search outcomes but additionally generates related solutions dynamically utilizing both the Phind or GPT-4 mannequin. It’s particularly tailor-made to coders and likewise offers coding options like “Pair Programmer” that may provide help to attain increased ranges of effectivity.

The Phind Mannequin has demonstrated superior coding prowess in comparison with GPT-4 and all different coding open-source fashions (supply) together with a formidable velocity akin to GPT-3.5.

Because of the underlying open-source CodeLlama-34B, Phind now defaults to this swift mannequin, delivering high-quality solutions to tech queries in simply 10 seconds.

The mannequin, fine-tuned with a further 70B+ tokens, garners a HumanEval rating of 74.7%, though real-world suggestions exhibits it outperforming GPT-4 in sensible helpfulness.

Notably, Phind’s velocity is attributed to the usage of the brand new TensorRT-LLM library from NVIDIA on H100s, attaining a 5x speedup over GPT-4. It additionally boasts a big context capability of 16k tokens, permitting for 12k token inputs on the web site, reserving 4k for internet outcomes.

💡 Though there’s room for enchancment in consistency, some coders on the Phind Discord server truly want utilizing Phind over GPT-4 attributable to its velocity and helpfulness. I don’t assume I’d go that far however the undertaking could be very highly effective certainly.

Person suggestions additional enriches this narrative. One person emphasised Phind’s readiness to advocate particular libraries and supply pattern code, alongside providing a wealth of related sources like GitHub and StackOverflow, which is seen as a serious benefit for additional analysis.

Past Conventional Search – AI-Powered Insights

Phind AI goes past conventional search engines like google and yahoo by providing a personalized search expertise. Customers can tailor their search preferences, enabling the platform to ship extremely customized and environment friendly outcomes. Phind AI streamlines the search course of and offers focused data, particularly tailor-made to builders like us.

It’s also possible to use the “superior search” that permits for extra context the place you possibly can put your code, as an illustration:

At the moment, the search engine offers two fashions, i.e., Phind and GPT-4. The latter with restricted availability as its nonetheless proprietary and premium on the time of writing:

The Pair Programmer characteristic makes the search engine extra conversational and it’ll ask extra detailed inquiries to make clear your particular data want. Actually next-level search!

When you ask it to present you code, it offers a button to repeat and paste the code and likewise to straight run the code in

Phind AI harnesses specialised algorithms that cater to the intricacies of coding languages and developer queries, specializing in context and precision This ensures that while you’re searching for code-related options, Phind AI provides nice accuracy.

Opponents of Phind AI

Phind AI offers a novel method to catering to builders. Nevertheless, there are a number of rivals out there that additionally leverage AI to boost search experiences. These rivals, whereas not particularly tailor-made for builders, supply AI-driven options that would probably be tailored for a developer-centric platform. is an AI-powered search engine that gives customers with a personalized search expertise. It makes use of AI to grasp person intent and ship related outcomes. Whereas it’s not particularly designed for builders, its AI capabilities may very well be tailored to offer extra exact outcomes for code-related queries.


Phraser is an AI software that seems to be a search engine for digital artwork collections. It makes use of key phrases to search out related pictures. Though it’s in a roundabout way associated to code or developer queries, its AI-driven picture search capabilities may very well be tailored to go looking inside code repositories or developer boards.


ChatGPT is an AI mannequin developed by OpenAI that makes use of language fashions to generate human-like textual content based mostly on the enter it’s given. Whereas it’s not a search engine per se, its AI capabilities may probably be used to boost the search expertise by offering extra detailed and related outcomes.

I nonetheless use ChatGPT as a result of personally I consider GPT-4 with DALL-E, picture recognition, and Bing URL plugins, it’s the perfect AI software ever created by humanity.

Steadily Requested Questions

How does Phind AI tailor its search expertise to builders?

Phind AI tailors its search expertise to builders by understanding the distinctive necessities of every developer. Customers can personalize their search preferences, enabling the platform to ship extremely customized and environment friendly outcomes. You might have code execution capabilities and a mannequin fine-tuned with coding associated duties. That is achieved by leveraging synthetic intelligence algorithms that concentrate on context and precision in coding-related search, era, and debugging duties.

How does Phind AI present AI-driven insights?

Phind AI offers AI-driven insights by not solely delivering related search outcomes but additionally providing ideas and associated subjects. This complete method ensures that builders have entry to a wealth of data, permitting them to discover numerous angles and achieve a wider perspective. That is achieved by leveraging massive, proprietary AI language fashions based mostly on CodeLlama.

🧑‍💻 Beneficial: Code Llama 2: Examples and Playground (Attempt It Your self)

How does Phind AI assist builders discover related data shortly?

Phind AI turns into the go-to useful resource for builders looking for particular data. It saves priceless effort and time by shortly and successfully discovering data throughout numerous topics, together with code snippets, documentation, tutorials, and extra. This effectivity enhances builders’ productiveness, permitting them to concentrate on their core duties.

How does Phind AI help programmers of their studying journey?

Phind AI provides extra than simply search outcomes – it offers AI-driven insights that preserve programmers up to date with the ever-evolving tech panorama. From discovering new frameworks, languages, or instruments to understanding finest practices and trade traits, Phind AI turns into a reliable companion that assists programmers of their fixed studying journey.

🧑‍💻 Beneficial: Code Llama 2: Examples and Playground (Attempt It Your self)

Immediate Engineering with Llama 2

💡 The Llama 2 Immediate Engineering course helps you keep on the fitting aspect of change. Our course is meticulously designed to give you hands-on expertise by means of real tasks.

You’ll delve into sensible functions equivalent to guide PDF querying, payroll auditing, and lodge evaluation analytics. These aren’t simply theoretical workouts; they’re real-world challenges that companies face day by day.

By finding out these tasks, you’ll achieve a deeper comprehension of find out how to harness the ability of Llama 2 utilizing 🐍 Python, 🔗🦜 Langchain, 🌲 Pinecone, and an entire stack of extremely ⚒️🛠️ sensible instruments of exponential coders in a post-ChatGPT world.

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