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Walnut Shell Speaker Is a Miniature Musical Masterpiece

Walnut Shell Speaker Is a Miniature Musical Masterpiece


Once you hear the time period “walnut speaker,” you may fairly assume this refers to a speaker cupboard made out of walnut wooden. This construct, by Penguin DIY, as a substitute stuffs a complete Bluetooth speaker setup right into a walnut shell.

As proven within the challenge’s video, after consuming the tasty snack inside, Mr. Penguin started working first cleansing out the middle of the shell for a bit extra room. He then turned to miniaturizing and putting in the electronics crucial for his speaker to operate.

An ST6845 energy financial institution module was first cannibalized, eradicating parts from the PCB, and hand-soldering them collectively into a way more compact bundle. He then added a tiny LiPo battery together with a USB-C connector, with cautious modifications to permit for a cable to be plugged into the nut-speaker as wanted.

For audio enter, he turned to an MH-M18 Bluetooth PCB, and an HXJ8002 audio amplifier is used to energy a tiny speaker. As an alternative of taking parts off of those boards, Penguin soldered them collectively right into a kind of PCB sandwich, creating simply sufficient room for the whole lot to suit. He additionally added 4 buttons that activate over completely different resistance values, permitting for onboard management utilizing a single enter.

A star sample of speaker holes on the walnut finishes off the construct properly, and he even faucets it in two locations, permitting the 2 halves to be screwed collectively. Whilst you might or might not need (i.e. have the endurance) to create one thing like this of your personal, the video under remains to be an inspirational show of miniaturization talent:



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