Home Robotics FORMIC system makes use of a swarm of robots to move heavy masses

FORMIC system makes use of a swarm of robots to move heavy masses

FORMIC system makes use of a swarm of robots to move heavy masses


Whereas forklifts do work effectively for lifting and transferring heavy masses indoors, they’re cumbersome (in shut quarters), costly, and may’t raise masses over a sure footprint measurement. That is the place the FORMIC modular robotic transportation system is designed to come back in.

The expertise is being developed by German startup FORMIC Transportsysteme, which is affiliated with the Karlsruhe Institute of Know-how. It incorporates a number of six-wheeled robotic transport modules, every one among which is provided with cameras, a radio communications chip, and a jack that’s able to lifting as much as 2.5 tons (2.3 tonnes).

As many as 15 of the modules could be positioned below a single load, so long as there is a ample vertical hole beneath it for them to squeeze in. If all 15 are used, they will handle a complete load weight of 37.5 tons (34 tonnes).

According to the designers, three modules should be sufficient for transporting a typical production machine in most industries
In line with the designers, three modules ought to be ample for transporting a typical manufacturing machine in most industries

Markus Breig, KIT

A human operator steers the swarm of robotic modules in actual time by way of an included joystick distant. As a result of the modules’ cameras and radios permit them to trace each other’s positions always, they autonomously coordinate their actions – so in different phrases, the consumer simply controls them as a bunch, not as particular person models.

An official business launch of the FORMIC system ought to happen later this 12 months. The modules could be seen in motion, within the video beneath.

3800kg Demo: Heavy Transport with Modular FORMIC Transportsystem

Sources: Karlsruhe Institute of Know-how, FORMIC Transportsysteme



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